Looking for a workout partner after new years

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With the New Year comes a great opportunity to start fresh and focus on healthy living. But as life ramps up again after the holidays, it can be challenging to find time and stay motivated. Healthtrax is here to help you stick to your resolutions through January and beyond and make this your healthiest year yet.

Sometimes it takes a little creativity to find the time and motivation to see your goals through. Instead of skipping your workout that day, bring them to the gym with you. Cultivating a family fitness mentality is a great way to incorporate health and wellness into your everyday life.

Looking for a workout partner after new years

The Healthy Start Program consists of a series of appointments with a certified Personal Trainer who will guide you toward activities that match your interests, objectives, and abilities, with a focus on overall health and wellness. The trainers at Healthtrax can help you navigate those challenges and stay on track.

Set and Track Specific Goals To achieve your desiredbegin by creating specific, reasonable, and attainable goals.

Looking for a workout partner after new years

Become acquainted with the gym schedule at your preferred location and identify which days and activities work best with your lifestyle. Give yourself a little flexibility to for changing circumstances and unforeseen events but do your best to create a schedule and stick to it. You can also use a food calculator to track the of calories you consume each meal.

Looking for a workout partner after new years

Keep it interesting by taking turns choosing your workout of the day. Group fitness classes at Healthtrax are a great way to exercise together and meet people who can become new workout partners. Healthtrax offers a variety of class types so members can experience new workouts and discover what works best for them. Members who want a more relaxed workout can take advantage of our Mind Body Programwhich focuses on workouts like yoga and Pilates. No matter your preference, Healthtrax has a class that will meet your needs and those of your workout buddy.

If muscle building is part of your resolution, be patient and disciplined.

Looking for a workout partner after new years

Consistency is key when it comes to building muscle and it will take time to see. Not only will consistency help you form habits that set you up for success, it will also help you achieve more in the long run. Contact a Trax Trainer to develop an exercise routine that fits your schedule and helps you meet your aspirations. Use our InBody Analysis throughout the year to keep track of the progress you make on your muscle-gaining journey.

Integrating both low- and high-intensity workouts into your routine is a great way to see long-term and burn extra calories. Healthtrax makes cross-training easy through a variety of fitness activities, like court sportsaquatics available at select locationsactive aging programsand more. Celebrate and Prepare for Next Year Make sure to celebrate all the hard work you put into meeting your resolution.

With Healthtrax Rewards, you can earn points every time you use our gym or services. Visit Healthtrax today to set yourself up for success in and accomplish your fitness goals!

Looking for a workout partner after new years Looking for a workout partner after new years

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